The UPlan Drawing Vault provides authorized users with University floor plans. Access to the UPlan system is available only to University of Miami employees.  Students and external consultants will not be given access.

The UPlan Drawing Vault allows users to view and download Base Floor Plans for space assigned to their School, College, or area of responsibility. Base Floor Plans illustrate a standard black & white line drawing with the official room numbers, space types, and respective square footage.

If you are a consultant, or a student working on a project, and are looking for Architectural information (elevations, sections, structural drawings, MEP, etc.), please contact the Office of the University Architect.


As of January 2020, our Office is only responsible for the Academy, and is no longer responsible for data and drawings related to MSOM/UHealth. Please contact medicalspaceplanning@med.miami.edu for more information or for UPlan access and do not use the link below.



Featured Links

Academy employees, please click here, making sure to complete the information requested in its entirety.

Students and consultants, please contact the Office of the University Architect to request access to specific drawings.