USpace Survey

USpace Survey is the University’s web-based system that enables its users to track and maintain their departmental spaces and the faculty and staff that occupy them. USpace Survey ensures accurate space information in a timely manner for utilization, planning and development purposes.

The space inventory is maintained in the institution-wide space management system, USpace Survey. This information is used by various University and departmental leaders for internal and external reporting and analysis. USpace Survey provides square footage, departmental assignments, space use, and other information at the room level.

Space utilization examines, analyzes, and reports on the current use of space on an annual or ad hoc basis in order to assist the University in making better use of its resources. Current utilization will be a factor when evaluating a request for additional space


Access to USpace Survey and requests for access have been temporarily disabled while we transition to a newer version of the software.  Please contact us at if you have any questions.


System documentation will be updated when the new software is in place.